The best resources for happy digital marketing clients

As digital marketers, we understand the value that online communication can add to a client’s overall marketing strategy. And, with the power of analytics software, we can prove the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and continuously optimize our tactics to achieve better results.

But the digital marketer’s most important task is to present results in a way that is accessible, meaningful and concise. And, while we’re there to take care of the heavy lifting of digital marketing, it’s important for clients to be informed about best practices, new tools and tactics and basic concepts.

Here is a resource list we at Stories & Science share with first-time clients. It’s a mix of quick-read blog posts and information-packed books or articles.

Website optimization and digital marketing thinking

Social media

SEO and link building


What is your approach to informing clients about digital marketing? And what great reads would you add to this list? Share your suggestions with us on Twitter or in the comments below.

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