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We tell stories because we’re human

Even though I started Stories & Science around this time last year, I’m only now putting my back into it. I was lucky – I landed a big contract that bought me time to build the business, win new clients, figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Except, I didn’t do any of that.

Now, one year on, I’m doing the basics: I wrote a decent business plan and cash flow forecast, set up a Twitter account, and put together a minimum viable product. There’s so much more to do, and if you’re interested, come back every week for an update.

Stories & Science is built on two pillars. Firstly, despite advances in technology and science, humans have not changed much from the days of sitting around the fire telling stories. We are connected to each other with threads of curiosity and wonder. Brands are increasingly becoming the custodians of storytellingart and music, but more than that, brands are the product of humans, just like you and me, behind computers.

Secondly, we now have more data about human interactions than we know what to do with. By applying a scientific model to this, and understanding the context in which our brand operates, we can refine how we communicate and generate better results.

The one question that data can’t answer, though, is why. The philosopher would say: We tell stories because we’re human. But what is the answer for you, and for your brand? Why do you seek knowledge and share your stories with friends and colleagues? And why is your brand on social media, why do you have a website, what’s the purpose of your YouTube channel?