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5 tips for brand new social media accounts

We launched our Twitter and Facebook accounts just over two weeks ago. We’re still quite far from superstar status (48 followers on Twitter and 190 on Facebook), but we are pleased. We thought we’d share some of our experiences, along with things that worked and things that didn’t. Let us know in the comments if you have something that works on your fledgling accounts.

#1 Share original content

Our most successful tweets included a link to one of our new blog posts. Most tweets had an engagement rate of 2% and below, but as soon as we mentioned our own content, engagement shot up to between 5-9%.

#2 Use pictures

Acting on a tip from our friends at @gunsandrain, we started adding images to our tweets. The result – apart from a more beautiful Twitter feed – was better engagement (especially more link clicks and detail expands). We’re still finding this a bit tricky, as we don’t have a bank of appropriate images. But, @buffer recently launched Pablo, a super easy way to create images for sharing on social media.

#3 It’s okay to say things twice

This is really cool. We posted our best performing content more than once over a couple of days, at different times of day. The thinking is that not all your followers will see your tweet / Facebook post the first time. We also used different hashtags and messaging, just to see if we could reach a different / broader audience.

#4 Be a real person

We think it’s important to show that we’re not just a company, but a bunch of interesting, friendly people. Like this:

#5 Remember why you’re doing it

We have a couple of goals with our social media, but the most important for us is to drive traffic to this blog. Even at this early stage, it’s easy to get sucked in, and for Twitter and Facebook to seem more important than they are. So, while we’re delighted with each new follower, we’re much more excited when someone clicks through to our profile or, even better, to the blog.